SM2 FISH Weekend shirt for the theme "Tagged"

SM2 FISH Weekend Shirt concept for the theme "Tagged"

Original Barton Design... At The King's College, rather than Greek life, they participate in a house system. The House of Barton is named for Clara Barton, the founder of The Red Cross. This is my original concept and design for a Barton House shirt.

Completed shirt for The Barton House - The King's College, New York City, NY... Barton - Angels of the Battlefield

The shirt in action!

Shirt for SM2 Retreat titled, "Abide"

Young LIfe shirt design based on Guy Harvey's style

Front of shirt design for Blalock's MMA gym

Shirt for Bridge Christian Church in Chattanooga, TN

Completed Shirt Front... YL's new logo and Baylor combine forces for this simple and effective t-shirt.

Young Life wanted a shirt that said, ''Young Life is back at Baylor.'' What better then showing them that Young Life was at the center of Baylor the whole time?

Completed "Stripe Shirt" Shirt...
T-shirt design for The House, a college ministry in Chattanooga, TN.

The Dandelion Shirt Complete... T-shirt design for The House, a college ministry in Chattanooga, TN.

The House shirt for 2009

New Year, New Life
for Grace United Methodist

made for a youth Retreat titled Fuel: What's Fueling You?

always wanted to use this image for a shirt or stein or something... finally got around to it

"Horse and his boy" shirt for Concerning Lions (concept and design by Daniel Hall, illustration by Mark Walter: )

designed for a youth group called (sigma)MII, with the mantra, "Seek. Love. Feed."

designed for a youth group called "SM2" who use (sigma)MII, with the mantra, "Seek. Love. Feed."

Shirt for Son Servants, the theme was "Simple"

this design actually ended up on a tank top, but a Young LIfe shirt nonetheless

Young Life design for Sharptop Cove trip

colorful Young Life shirt design

Shirt for Bridge Christian mission trip to Ecuador


Examples of my shirt designs… the beginning of my clothing line? Maybe…