A logo for a group of Men meeting together to fight through life's struggles together. The group is based on thoughts from the book "Samson and the Pirate Monks". This piece sticks to the pirate heritage, including an element of the fight.

Web Banner Version

Title/Logo for a Youth weekend called FISH at SMPC in Chattanooga, TN

Poster for EXPOSED weekend at SMPC

digital concept for a painting for a friend

the final project, paint on canvas by me!

Wedding invite for close friends The Bowmans
They wanted all things print to be in the style of Hatch Show Print

The Bowman invite photographed by Ulmer Studios http://www.ulmerstudios.com/

for more of "New Year's Hipster Wedding", check out: http://ruffledblog.com/new-years-eve-hipster-wedding/

I teamed up with another artist to develop this logo for The House

Cover for Ascent Conference info packet

Baseball cards for The House interns. This was an attempt at a clever "getting to know you" hand-out.

The 2009 House Cup.
This is a tradition for the "Oak Street Roast". Over 1000 of these are handed out to UTC students every year... this is the latest. This design is wrapped around a 16 ounce black "stadium cup".

Concert Poster for the band Concerning Lions

The white space at the bottom is for the band to "sharpie" in the date/time/venue of the show. This makes the poster more versatile.

concert poster
check them out: www.concerninglions.com

concert poster
check em out: www.concerninglions.com

The Co & Concerning Lions team up for a house show.

www.concerninglions.com & http://www.thecomusic.com/

good stuff. made this for customers that frequent the Starbucks where I work. they need it. i probably need it more than they do.

another Starbucks poster. come alive.

Logo for Alpaca Digital Media

Graphic for SM2's 2013 TREK Retreat, "Genuine"


A bunch of random stuff I’ve worked on in the past few years.